New Traditions

Write about a few of your favorite family traditions. While the term “new traditions” seems like an oxymoron, we arrived at a like-new style of celebrating our holidays. We kept very traditional for a long time: Christmas was taking our new baby to Pennsylvania to see his grandfather and aunt, then on the return toContinue reading “New Traditions”

Letter to Manatee County School Board

Appended Letter of Public Comment (see original comment below) Respectfully submitted to the Manatee County School Board in advance of the Emergency Meeting of Monday, Aug. 9. We submitted a letter to the School Board of Manatee County as soon as we heard of the emergency meeting, but with recent events feel that we mustContinue reading “Letter to Manatee County School Board”

Grieneisen Landing Page!

I have left this site languish for the past nine years or so, but I’m back, and looking forward to putting some words out in the world. I anticipate spending a little time on a regular basis updating things like publishing and reading schedules (assuming we can get reading schedules back on calendars–fingers crossed thatContinue reading “Grieneisen Landing Page!”