Grieneisen Landing Page!

I continue to build this page. What is going on in my life? I am still falling behind on the Norton publishing project, but I have completed the courses at New Mexico State University–so there are two courses off the books. I opened three new ones at my main college and continue to develop two at the art college. Meanwhile, I am batting down home projects all over: ant infestation in the kitchen, a couple of busted or low-flow sprinkler heads, flat tire on the golf cart, and a dripping kitchen sink. I’m kept on my toes, for sure! Oh, and the latest: termites! Thankfully, they are not the big-eater variety, and with Orkin, we can use a bait system instead of tenting–so thank God for that! Oh, and one more time-saver (for now): got my jury duty postponed until April, so I didn’t have to cancel any classes.

Published by jeffgrieneisen

I am a Professor of English, literature, and creative writing at State College of Florida in Bradenton. My first book of poetry, Good Sumacs, has just been published by MAMMOTH books and a second is under contract with Lavender Ink/Dialogos.

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